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Welcome to MET. We’re more than a simple print shop.

We’re an eco-friendly, bespoke printing house with decades of experience.

We’ve produced some of North America’s most challenging and beautifully designed commercial print projects. Our dedication to the fine points means, you’ll never see a project that was “just good enough”.

Going the extra mile

We do it every time to ensure any project you undertake, whether it’s direct mail, fine art, or custom packaging really wows. We go the extra mile every time to ensure any project you undertake, whether it’s direct mail, fine art, or custom packaging really wows.



MET Pressroom


MET’s pressroom team is the first in Canada to have each pressman fully GATF certified. Our commitment to continuous improvement means that you can trust us to be on top of all of the latest innovations and techniques. Plus, with each pressman on our team being fully GATF certified you’ll know they’re not just innovating, they’re doing it the right way.

Our exceptional team just wouldn’t be complete without having access to the best equipment. We’ve got technology ranging from small sheet fed lithographic and Digital presses to our two state of the art UV light cured ink 9 and 10-unit MAN Roland 700 presses with Eagle Eye® technology (In the print geek world, that means we’ve got some pretty cool stuff to work with).


Pre-Media and Colour


Our pre-media department offers services ranging from colour correction and custom system work to digital art preparation, rendering and editing. We can advise on creating duo tones, quad tones, touch plates, special effects and the best colour management processes. Or, we can just do it for you. I guess what we’re getting at is that we’ve got you covered, we take whatever approach we need to make sure your job is set up for success form the start.


We optimize your files for work on any substrate from plastics, wood free, or metallic stocks to make sure you get the quality you expect from us each time. Then, we keep them safely archived to ensure you get the exact same result should you need to reprint critical information or revise artwork. Not only will you get the best, you’ll get it every time.


Our pre-media department’s got some pretty cool print technology too, and like our press team, they’re really proud of it. Thanks to our Kodak Prinergy workflow, colour management and Computer to Plate system using everything from 10 micron Staccato screening (600 lines per inch ‘LPI’ equivalent) to highly customized advanced Hi-Fi screening, no pre-press challenge is too great. Oh, and we also kick some serious butt working with InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark Xpress and a host of other graphic, Web-to-Print and fulfillment programs.




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