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Work – Life

Work – Life

May 05, 2010 scott Posted in Blog

It’s no small coincidence that i’m writing this on a sailboat with my family in the Caribbean. I’ve been accused of being a work junkie at times, this trip is a form of payback to my wife and kids from a crazy work schedule as well as a break to recharge my batteries. The past 2 years has been tough for most sectors, not the least being printing and communication. 

The last major project I worked on just prior to my break was the gorgeous publication ‘design mind’ by frog design with Sam Martin (Editor) and Tom Manning (Art Director). The subject of this issue is Work – Life and the fine balance of that relationship. This came at a perfect intersection for me personally as I just came off an intense 3 years working with the 2010 Olympics, launching a website, and planning for our new fiscal year coming up quickly.

After reading through the new issue, I quickly realized I was the guy they were talking about in many of the articles. Jon Freach’s article on the new roles of two income families balancing work/home life shows the difference between the way we grew up to how life is in today’s busy society. We can find a balance to work along side the family, perhaps even engage our kids in what we are working on. Denice Gershbein’s article on the Sabbatical was a foreshadowing and gave me insight what to look for on our trip.

It used to be that I thought simply working harder was going to do the trick. Work ethic is critical in this “git er done” world, but one needs to recharge to have the ability to recognize opportunities and the power to act upon them. People don’t let themselves define their personal priorities such as family, life, love, financial, travel, home goals and work aspirations. I found that I am no exception.

The ability to experience new cultures, music, food and life, paint, sketch and sunburn, recover, tan and skinny dip (ok, bad visual, sorry bout that) has my synapses firing off on all cylinders.

I am fortunate to work in an environment that gives me confidence to leave and know all will be cared for (thanks guys). I am blessed with autonomy over decision making, allowing me to test new waters, work on just about anything that makes good business sense. I know that the folks I work with are the best in the industry, we are capable of amazing feats of printing wizardry and constantly stretch the boundaries. I’m glad we have tools like our new website is out there, we hope it lets those that unknowingly are looking for us, find us. Like minds. fresh thoughts.

OK, back to work…..

scott gray

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