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Welcome to Metropolitan Fine Printers brand new website!

Welcome to Metropolitan Fine Printers brand new website!

March 11, 2010 scott Posted in Blog

We’re pretty excited about this. Isn’t it ironic that the web is seemingly our biggest competitor for the advertising / marketing dollar and we, a printer, just spent a bunch of money to charge headlong back into it again? Well, It’s our business to communicate so we figured let’s make it easier for you to get to know us.

This is my first blog post so please forgive me if i screw up a bit, i’ll try to respect your time and give you some interesting thoughts to ponder. My name is Scott Gray, Sr. Management, Account Exec, Print Geek at Metropolitan Fine Printers. I’ve been here 20+ years and am still having a blast. I get to deal with some of North America’s greatest creative talent, I’ve been fortunate enough to speak in Japan, China and at a number of conferences on high end print. Now this? Sweet.

Personally, I think this is long overdue, I mean a printer with something to say about the web?

I love the web, it helps me research new prospects, find cool materials that fit right into our weird and wonderful gallery, new suppliers and most importantly; to connect with friends, family and clients. Practically every project we produce has some connection to the web, be it a URL a PURL or a blog. More and more we find ourselves doing variable data, strategically targeted but much higher level than just switching a name, rank,serial #.

If you think about it, we are bluring the lines. An email blast has 0.0000000000001% hit ratio (ok, a bit better than that, i admit) but hits a huge spread of multiple levels of targeted consumers at a low click cost, they may ultimately be rewarded with a printed premium that they receive in the post. A printed Direct Mail has less than 2.5% hit ratio that typically goes to a smaller less focused group of individuals on average to drive the consumer to a website. The retention is linked to a few more senses being triggered such as sight, touch, perhaps smell.

It comes down to good communication design, a blend of media works magic, there is room for it all if it is well considered and strategicaly targeted. Perhaps that is why a recent DM we did for McDonalds was a mockup of a flip phone with a text message reveal. Go figure.

Scott Gray

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