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We get to play with our food

We get to play with our food

June 02, 2010 scott Posted in Blog
How many cans do you think this took?I love it when people get involved in the community, helping others let’s you help yourself.  I feel it is a corporate responsibility as well as a sound business practice. So many businesses are investing in their future by investing in others. Team building, amazing PR, goodwill and yes, networking and great business connections. Bringing like minds together. It’s fun, energizing and is just right.

It wasn’t too long ago that a random act of kindness got you a strange look, now there are movements multiplying the benefits of paying it forward. Kindness crews, Kindness Committees ,

This can have an environmental benefit as well, speaking with my neighbor, we’re scheming to make a commuter challenge, “anything but car”. Steve will portage his canoe to work across false creek (can’t wait to see that!), I’ll ride my bike or scoot just to raise awareness. Let me know if you are interested, this is how it happens.

Metropolitan Fine Printers is the founder of an amazing event you may know of, Canstruction Vancouver that has just wrapped it’s 7th year. We took a chance this year as the Vancouver 2010 Olympics swiped our venue (we’ll forgive them this time) so we hosted a builders luncheon on May 14that the Pan Pacific Hotel. To the delight of our organizing committee and those in attendance it was a resounding success with 31 tables sold out.  A live auction hosted by Senator Larry Campbell turned into a verbal jousting match when Michael Tickners ultra limited edition Olympic print was on the block. That’s all fun and great, bottom line is with Team Terrasen’s lobby sculpture we added 17,000 cans of food to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and upped our 7 year total can count to 929,802, almost $1.8 million dollars worth of food.

(We will be having an extra mini event with upwards of 10 sculptures this summer at the PNE this August 21st till Sept 6th. This could put us over the million can mark. Stay tuned )

Go ahead and try something, at least give someone a hug, buy them a cup of coffee, get involved.

Scott Gray

Metropolitan Fine Printers. Printer, canstructor, 24 hour relayer….

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