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Tea green or bilious green

Tea green or bilious green

March 30, 2010 scott Posted in Blog

What’s the next big thing in commercial printing? How about delivering more than what you were asked to? I find so often that people will set lower expectations of others as they are constantly being disappointed by suppliers. Why is it so many people accept banal results?

In a world where everyone is searching for the next killer App or next big thing we tend to loose sight of a job well done. Sure, we must progress with technology and all the latest tricks but when is the last time a company really enjoyed sustained success on a trend or a fad?

It isn’t as easy as just wanting to do it right, one needs the proper tools and environment to work with. Passion for what you do will combine with experience to encourage free thought, inspiration from our clients, nature, kids, music, art, love all play into our ability to do it right, the first time. How else do you know the difference between tea green and bilious green?

Sure, we’ve screwed up some over the years, who hasn’t? We have learned our lessons and applied it to our memory banks, it’s not likely to occur again. This freedom to fail gives license to take chances and really stretch the possibilities. Experimenting, mixing different materials and finishing techniques allows us to truly innovate. Like my Grandmother (mom’s side) was fond of saying “I can allow or even encourage a mistake, but I won’t suffer fools”.

It’s easy to get better than average results if the bar is at your ankles. We like to set the bar higher, say eye level. When you have greater expectations of yourself and others around you, the results speak for themselves.

Ben Franklin, one of North America’s (ok, we’re borrowing him in Canada) great Printer/Publishers was fond of saying. “Well done, is better than well said”.

We like Ben’s attitude.

Scott Gray
Metropolitan Fine Printers
Sr.Mgr, Account Exec, print lover

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