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PrintCan: Printing Industry News for Canada

PrintCan: Printing Industry News for Canada

May 18, 2010 scott Posted in News


Metropolitan Fine Printers goes carbon neutral

VANCOUVER—Metropolitan Fine Printers has partnered with B.C. government run The Pacific Carbon Trust to go carbon neutral. The deal means clients will have the option of buying carbon credits to offset their paper consumption on a per product basis.

The move to go carbon neutral is the latest in the companies attempts to be as environmentally friendly as possible, says business development manager Nikos Kallas. “We recycle, use FSC® certified paper, all of the processes within the company are as environmentally friendly as possible,” he says. “We thought this was the final seal to make sure we are as environmentally friendly as possible.”

Client response to the move has been great, says Kallas. “We work with high-end companies and government agencies,” he says. “They are set to become carbon neutral within the next few years as well, so response has been good.”

Kallas says Metropolitan Printers encourages an environmental focus in its clients, but doesn’t insist on it. “We try to push the most environmentally friendly products we can,” he says. “Some clients don’t have budgets for that, by the climate is pushing it that way anyways. Suppliers have realized that if they’re not doing the right thing they will lose clients.”

Metropolitan Fine Printers is a Vancouver-based printer with approximately $15 million in sales according to Graphic Monthly Canada’s 2009 Gold List. Its CEO, George Kallas was named 2009 Printer of the Year.

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