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Boutique Projects


This is where we scare other printers away

Oftentimes, we’re asked to involve ourselves in print projects that test our creative and strategic savvy. We revel in this because, quite frankly, it enables us to turn our proverbial sandbox inside out and outside in again — and pushes us in directions that other printers dare not visit.

We’re looking for those aha moments that can only truly come when we resist the usual, say no to the status quo, and rise above the expected.

When your creative brief starts with “ this is a project of a lifetime”, “I want jaws to drop”, “ have you ever heard of this technique?”, “my other printer said it couldn’t be done”.

You have just started us up. Did we mention that we just received our 31st Benjamin Franklin Print award? MET holds the record for the most Benny awards by any Canadian printer! This selection of samples may offer an explanation.

METs experienced technical advisers work closely with your creative and marketing teams to bring your vision to life. We will help you define the best production methods, materials, die-lines, file preparation and color tricks, we can advise you on best practice or we can do the work for you. It is our job to figure how to make it a reality, prototype the project as proof of concept and finish it with the highest degree of attention. MET is your resource to create the unbelievable. The MET team are masters of engineering bespoke projects ranging from Brand Books to highly customized and personalized HR Retention Packages for those special employees of fortune 500 corporations. Bring your challenge to MET and we will prove to you without a doubt that you have chosen the right partner.

We produce work for clients all over the globe, if you design and print in Portland, Calgary, San Francisco, Seattle, Victoria, New York, Boston, or elsewhere, we have your back. Our experts are ready to leap into action no matter where in North America you are. If you follow quality, MET follows you, wherever you are to provide the finest. Say hi at and you will be connected directly to someone who has produced this amazing work within this gallery. We LOVE what we do, we’re kind of funny that way.

Our MET FX program is continuously experimenting with new print materials, finishing techniques and new ways to bend the rules.  We are often approached by our major clients and others who have heard of our willingness to “play” to solve their print challenges. We recently worked with one firm (sorry, can’t tell ya who) to produce a fully recyclable metallic” liquid foil” ink to replace metal foils that are a terror to the environment, another searched out MET to optimize their new paper made from recycled pop bottles (it floats too).  Do you have a challenge that you have not been able to overcome? Let us help you.

As much as we would love to show you all of our amazing projects, we are limited by Non-Disclosure Agreements with some of the coolest stuff. This sneak peek will just have to whet your appetite.


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