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Direct mail is part of your Cross Media Marketing Solution

Today’s direct mail is more than simply ink on paper.

Your eye catching design is key, we will work with your creative team to develop the finest pullouts, popups, diecuts, spinners, wobblers and special effects available. We have a few surprises up our sleeves.

Thing is, we’ve become experts at producing eye-catching promotional materials that stand out among the dozens, all right hundreds, of flyers delivered to households and offices. Whether it’s an unusual finish, a special format, or a simple but attention-grabbing pamphlet, Metropolitan will help you determine the best way to get your message noticed. As in the opposite of being tossed.

Our goal is to help create an emotional attachment to your direct mail piece, even for a second. Our Direct Mail gets noticed; special FX finishing or coatings, savvy direction on distribution and mailing services. Even taking it another level in Cross Media Marketing where our team works with you to develop a multi-level campaign cross linking email campaigns, PURLs, QR codes and amazing metrics that your marketing department dreams of. MET is not so much a vendor but a valuable partner with your marketing and creative teams.

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