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Annual, Corporate Responsibility, Environmental and Sustainability reports are key communication tools

There is more to producing an Annual or Corporate Report than just putting ink on paper. High speed proofing, understanding financials, 10k’s, Sedar filing, logistics and an eye for detail are just a few of the must haves. Time is short, changes will happen, our state of the art Kodak pre-media workflow ensures that your files are managed fast and efficient, your corporate colours are locked in and your information is secure. Our instant cure UV presses ensure that you print the job and it is instantly off press and into finishing. We do not sit around and wait for ink to dry.

Today’s Corporate or Environmental sustainability reports are some of the most important communication tools a company has. You’re communicating a message of environmental or social responsibility; you should really ensure your printer can walk the walk. Our Non VOC emitting UV inks and Carbon Neutral facility ensure you are working in the lowest environmental footprint possible. MET Fine Printers produce the finest quality100% recycled print projects imaginable.

When it comes to printing annual, corporate, and sustainability reports — on time, on budget and over expectations — we’re tough to beat. Year after year, our clients such as Fortis BC, The Pattison Group, Nexen, UBC, Nike Inc and scores more count on us to meet critical deadlines and deliver a powerful, visual message to shareholders. Year after year, we deliver.

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