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Welcome to MET Resource, your new brand tool kit.

We customize, launch, maintain and host a web based brand resource library unique to your business.

This robust production and fulfillment system allows your staff to focus on the big issues and leave the rest to us.

Download our MET Resource Brochure here

MET Resource will customize, launch, maintain, and host a web based Brand Resource Library that is unique to your business. By working with MET Resource to create a robust production & fulfillment system, you can focus your staff on the big issues and leave the rest to us.

With your MET Resource Library, you can yield efficiencies of scale not available when producing one project at a time. We work tirelessly to understand the ins and outs of our clients’ business and their many unique needs. Our goal is to make sure we share your vision, and provide the resources necessary to see it fulfilled.

Brand Fulfillment Library


Your MET Resource Library gives you one stop access to your Brand Marketing assets.  MET will create a production and fulfillment system tailored specifically to you, including administration access, custom reports and content. The best part? It’s fully scalable, meaning it grows with you as your brand needs change, diversify and grow.

 You control:

  • Who has access and to what extent
  • Custom reports for usage and cost control
  • Know who is using your brand elements & strategies effectively
  • Live, up to the minute inventory levels
  • Tracking and shipping at your fingertips

MET Fulfillment is more than ‘pick and pack’, it is an exceptionally user friendly Marketing Management system. METs team will tailor the administration access, reports and content to your specific preferences. As your needs grow, so does our fully scalable system.
Who benefits? We have tailored our system to create access to any sized marketing team. If you manage a brand with multiple levels and components, MET Resource Library can simplify your storage, ordering and consistency of brand.


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Custom Brand Library


Your MET Resource Custom Brand Library gives you ultimate control over your Branding and collateral requirements.

“Nobody messes with My Brand.”

In a fast moving business it is usually the small things that gets left to the last minute. With your own Custom Brand Library, you have all the control and convenience of a single source solution for your Brand Marketing collateral and Office Administration needs. MET Resource will design and create a custom library tailored to your corporate communication needs giving you unfettered access and control over your branding tools and collateral. MET Resource will simplify your workflow and increase your product performance and Brand consistency. Now you can re-allocate valuable staff to more pressing areas that require attention, your Custom Resource Library will ensure your Brand is in good hands.

You control:

  • Branded templates with pre-defined colours, graphics and type.
  • Content
  • Access – level of access, order by position, by department, location…
  • Reports for usage, budgeting, inventories, shipping
  • Costs
  • Custom ordering
  • Static and variable inventory
  • Searchable product catalog
  • Image and data storage
  • Up to the minute Inventory levels
  • Tracking and shipping

Who benefits?

We have tailored our system to enable any size company to take advantage of the time and cost savings, Brand consistency and ease of use. If you manage a brand with multiple components, MET Resource Custom Brand Library can simplify your storage, ordering, administration, enhance your Brand Consistency and save you time and money.
Custom branded and variable collateral can be as simple as corporate stationary packages or as complex as custom Mailing for multiple location franchise operations with branded micro-sites for order management and data development.
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Custom Stunts


Custom PR Stunts are essentially Unconventional Ads built to generate a unique response from the viewer, the good ones generate viral traction online where it can turn into its own advertising vehicle. Brands are taking the tactic to a new level, engineering increasingly sophisticated and hair raising scenarios to break through the clutter and confusion of modern media to pull consumers in. This is where MET Resource come in.
It helps that our team are a little odd (in a nice way) as they relate to out of the box thinking.



The seed of an idea comes from our creative clients, METs team take the inspiration, generate drawings, renderings, prototypes, then eye catching, jaw dropping, giggle inducing multi-dimensional Advertising Sculptures.
Meat coloured LED Christmas lights? No problem. A 16’ tall mountain of shoeboxes? Hilary had it easy. How about an 8’ wide flowerpot growing giant tomatoes and sprouts?



MET Resource will provide your inspiration with a physical presence.
Are all stunts created equal? Nope, we are delighted to work with your inspiration to create custom Presentation Center graphics and dimensional signage. Trade Show Graphics, Showroom Signage.
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Project Management


MET Resource manages Brand requirements across multiple platforms every day, why not yours?
MET Resource Project Management recognizes the changing world of print and the necessity to provide a service that project manages print collateral from business cards through retail signage and installation in direct collaboration with our clients marketing and creative teams.
MET Resource is a result of our clients asking us to “just take care of that for us”. We learned a valuable lesson during the Vancouver 2010 winter Olympics when we were asked by clients such as Nike, the US Olympic Team, and Visa among others to project manage large scale print projects that until then may not have fallen under a printer’s mandate.
MET Resource formed a team of specialists to facilitate our clients “extra” needs in a fashion that puts Brand Continuity at the top of the list.
From the finest commercial print to digital or large format graphics, installation, fabrication and above all Brand Continuity and quality, MET Resource was born.


Why Use MET as your Project Resource?

MET has spent many years investing in technology and the processes to work alongside our clients brand management requirements. As a result, we have built up a reputation for the finest print quality and colour management expertise in North America which extends beyond our portfolio of internal services. We have been asked to do some pretty crazy things since opening in 1977; our strategic partnerships have grown into one of the finest production networks in North America. We have yet to see a project too complex, too finicky or just plain too crazy for us to complete with stellar results. We present this experience to effectively manage projects that involve multitudes of print, offering continuity between one process of printing and communication to another.


MET’s Responsibility to your Project

We have identified the need to take on the responsibility for the creation and production of a wide range of print collateral, coming together as a single project with Brand continuity under the flag of MET Resource. There is a need for a company such as MET Resource to assist with a client’s brand management by ensuring that projects maintain their corporate identity between lithographic and large format display with digitally printed collateral. The logistics of storage, distribution and installation are effectively managed in keeping with strict schedules and budgets MET Resource, our responsibility is your comfort and assurance that the job is well in hand. The first time.
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