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Famed craftsman Benjamin Franklin said it best “Well done is better than well said”. 

Unlike most printers, we aren’t interested in telling you what we can’t do, we’re interested in getting it done.

We listen and respond to your needs, and work with you to get the job done, whatever that requires.

MET Works With You


We appreciate the powerful emotional and marketing abilities of print, but we also know that print alone is not always the answer. We apply our innovative approach to producing beautiful work across an infinite array of mediums to deliver your integrated marketing solution.

  • We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives and uncover the best solution from a wide range of offerings in our kit.
  • We draw on our technical expertise and vast experience to select the right medium, whether it’s digital, commercial print, large format, or a blend of traditional and new media.
  • Then, with our fine craftsmanship and attention to detail turn the vision in to reality.
  • Our experience combined with your creative enables the creation of brilliant images and messages that jump off page, wall and screen.

MET Craftsmanship


Every project with MET draws inspiration from the artful lithographers of the past, and knowledge accumulated through years of training in traditional and unconventional printing. Our print production team is constantly learning, developing, and sometimes inventing the best methods to produce the finely crafted materials we’re known for. Some projects require our paper engineering expertise. Some a simple budget driven solution. The result is an elegant, and often deceptively simple solution to your needs.

MET Ethics

We could not have been more proud than when we received our Ethics in Action award, the first awarded to a commercial printer in Canada. Our commitment to ethical business practices, and conducting ourselves with the highest standards is central to who we are. In turn, we expect and demand the same integrity and commitment from our partners and suppliers.  It’s all part of our desire to create an environment of trust, safety and growth amongst our team and with our clients, knowing that people are our greatest assets. We’re confident of our ability to protect the confidential interest of our clients, and to find solutions to support that commitment whenever necessary.

MET Technology


We look to the future: our certified press operators are masters of the latest equipment, printing techniques and technology often pioneering new effects and techniques.

Breaking new printing ground is a regular occurrence at MET; in fact, we’re known internationally as printing pioneers, celebrated as much for stretching the craft’s limits as for our workmanship.

When MET set out in 2001 to take lithography to new limits, it resulted in an award-winning 1700 line per inch (lpi), yes, you heard that right, “Impossible” poster that prompted one judge to say: “I have no idea how they did that.”

We were one of the first printers in the world to adopt Computer To Plate workflow. When Kodak was developing the technology they asked MET to help refine the amazing tool a full two years before release. As a result, our experience is unparalleled with the use of 10 micron Staccato® screening and every job we print, from fine coated to newsprint, uses the highest fidelity screening available anywhere in the world. In fact, we have won the prestigious “Best Stochastic” awards 3 years over.

Our pre-media department is powered by Kodak’s most advanced Prinergy workflow system, making the smooth flow of your project a priority.

In 2004 we introduced MET ENVIRO UV a revolutionary combination of specialty inks and coatings that offer previously unattainable clarity, colour vibrancy, and range of finishes. We’re now among a handful of print pioneers in the world using UV technology in combination with 10 micron Staccato®, day in and day out.

Beyond traditional “UV” gloss levels, this process lets us virtually dry trap inks on uncoated stocks in a single pass with almost no dryback, create true half tone varnish techniques to print on a wide range of natural and synthetic sheets from clear and translucent plastics, and print signature corporate colours without using special inks.

Add in our 9 and 10-unit MAN Roland 700 presses and Eagle Eye® technology – the latest tool in quality control that detects imperfections in a single pass – and our capacity is virtually limitless.

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