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  1. Innovation at MET Printers.

    Innovation at MET Printers.

    Our passion for excellence is driven through real innovation.

    MET lead the UV Print revolution for high end commercial print in North America, creating special effects, striking coatings and finishes.

    Our combined experience and relentless dedication to our craft ensures that you have only the finest tools at your side.

    Innovation at MET Printers
  2. Designers & MET Printers.

    Designers & MET Printers.

    MET understands the Graphic Design process and we speak the language of printed communication.

    Our expertise is second to none when it comes to turning your vision into reality.

    MET are here to help you tell your story, we work with you to refine the perfect substrate, inks, coatings, finishing and budgets to ensure the perfect fit.

    Designers at MET Printers
  3. MET Business Partnerships.

    MET Business Partnerships.

    Since we opened our doors in 1977, our goal has always been simple. MET strives to be the best Printer in Canada. Like you, we are in business.

    MET knows that in order for business to be successful, it must have clear goals, an excellent product, stellar reputation, and be fiscally responsible.

    MET is here to partner with your business and enhance your communications. Are we the best? We want you to decide.

    MET Business Partnerships
  4. MET Environmental Programs.

    MET Environmental Programs.

    Environmental Printing has come a long way, MET believes that the finest quality and the lowest environmental impact exists in the same space, in our facilities.

    Green Printing must be more than simply vegetable inks, recycled papers and a green leaf on the logo.

    METʼs commitment to Green Print is focused; to reduce the physical impact of each job yet provide a superior product.

    MET Environmental Programs

Our greatest asset is our people

Since we opened our doors in the 1970s, we’ve remained a family run business — with our values and ethics as strong today as they’ve ever been. We figure we’re in the relationship business, and at the risk of sounding cliché, why make it difficult? When it comes to our relationships with suppliers, clients, and customers, we truly are one happy family. This results in many relationships that are 20+ years in the making, and dedicated staff who tend to spend most of their career here as opposed to anywhere else.

Most of MET’s team has been with us over 10 years, that creates a lot of stability and pride in the work we do. The MET family is a talented bunch, it draws on a diverse range of talents and experience and is reflected with every project we do.

We love to do things together for our community to help those less fortunate. Canstruction Vancouver helps stock the foodbank shelves, the 24 Hour Relay sends disabled kids to a once in a lifetime summer camp.

That makes us a proud. Family proud.

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