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New MET CASE now available

New MET CASE now available

July 11, 2013 scott Posted in Uncategorized

MET has released the long anticipated (you didn’t know it was coming?)  MET CASE, iPad (or other non apple branded) device protector. We have long felt that the under appreciated printing blanket is far too nice a material to simply recycle, it deserves better. How better to preserve your creative thoughts wrapped in the safety of another’s inspired communication? These printing blankets; made from a mix of rubber and canvas backers come from around the world with “tattoo’s” of creative from as far away as Japan.
This is just one more way that MET takes sustainability to the next level. FSC® Certification, as well as Recycling Papers are fantastic but just the tip of the Environmental Iceberg. MET’s Social Economy generates ideas to share, environmental and print quality excellence DO reside in the same space.

While Supplies last, your $40 donation will secure your MET CASE, hand crafted and lined with felt to protect your ideas and investment. 100% of the donations will be added to the GDC/BC Salazar Scholarship Fund in support of Vancouver’s Graphic Design Education Program.

for more information on the amazing MET CASE, contact

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