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MET Fine Printers earns their 37th and 38th Benny’s!

Printing Industries of America (PIA) has announced the results of the 2018 Premier Print Awards, the world’s most prominent international print competition. Nearly 3,000 entries were submitted for judging and only 127 were awarded the coveted Best in Category honors, or as they are more affectionately known, the Benny’s.

MET Fine Printers earns their 37th and 38th Benny’s!

July 10, 2018 Lucia Valda Posted in Blog, News

Maintaining their position as Canada’s most awarded printer, MET Fine Printers earns their 37th and 38th Benny’s and multiple category awards for this year’s submissions. The stunning Butterfly book and the beautifully executed Vancouver One book, were selected for the prestigious Benjamin Franklin “Best of Category” Awards in the novelty books and binding categories respectively.


The Premier Print Awards are symbolized by the Benjamin Franklin “Benny” trophy, one of the most highly-coveted and recognized awards in the print industry, the competition spans 15 countries across the globe. To be honored with a Premier Print Award, submissions must exhibit truly superior print quality and exceptional craftsmanship.


This is a compliment to MET but mostly to our valued clients and the trust they give our team. It reinforces our will to push through and literally rise from the ashes of the April 25th fire when our Vancouver office and press room were compromised. We’ll continuously strive to push beyond our client’s expectations as we always have and ultimately deliver the communications pieces that create enduring memories…


About MET

MET Fine Printers leads Canada’s in Premier Print Award wins – garnering 38 Benjamin Franklin Awards for bespoke quality and environmental excellence. MET prides itself to be a Zero Waste, Carbon Neutral company, based in Vancouver BC. MET strives to lead the world with the finest innovative communication experiences. Congratulations to the team at MET and heaps of thanks for our amazing clients who trust us to champion their brands.


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