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MET Environmental Performance

MET offers the Finest Environmentally Friendly Printing Services

We are proud to be one of North America’s most environmentally innovative carbon neutral printing companies.

MET Printers are passionate about making green the most beautiful colour in the world.



MET offers the Finest Environmentally Friendly Printing Services. We are proud to be one of North America’s most environmentally innovative carbon neutral printing companies. MET Printers are passionate about making green the most beautiful colour in the world. We are proud to share our secrets, these are just a few steps MET has taken to improve our Environmental Footprint


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you FSC® Certified?

Yes. FSC® Licence Code: C016321. MET has been certified since 2005.


Do you have an environmental policy?

Yes, MET is committed to year-after-year reductions of our Carbon Footprint as measured on a per employee basis. MET has been Carbon Neutral since 2010, and has just completed their fourth inventory. MET is committed to continual improvement in our environmental practices and print processes. MET is committed to remaining one of North America’s foremost Environmental Innovators, continually being recognized by our peers in the Print Industry as such. MET promotes the use of sustainable and ethically sourced materials, educating our employees, clients and partners in best practices. MET mandates that production standards meet and/or beat any environmental regulations relevant to our activities.


Are you tracking Carbon Emissions? If so, do you have a Mitigation Strategy?

Yes, we track our Carbon Emissions for our plant and office facilities. Our ongoing Mitigation Strategy is published with Climate Smart. It includes, but is not limited to:

  • MET actively encourages clients to print on FSC® Certified and/or other ethically sourced base papers and the use of Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) stocks and Tree-Free Paper stocks.
  • MET advises clients on best environmental print practices, which expands beyond print and into the office environment.
  • Recently installed a custom ink mixing machine to reduce ink requirements, reduce waste and eliminate couriers.
  • MET acquired Vancouver’s oldest custom book binding company to bring an added level of expertise and finishing in-house, and reducing transportation needs greatly and increasing our hands-on quality control.
  • MET is a member of FortisBC’s Renewable Natural Gas Program
  • MET continually educates employees on best practices for recycling and continuous improvement
  • Office Paper Reduction Plan, implement electronic billing and invoicing where viable, and actively work with fewer paper transactions.
  • We continually reduce the number of physical proofs required for press approvals
  • We continually review our Zero Waste Recycling Programs for compliance with our vendors, suppliers and employees, and educating on best practices and constant improvement
  • Created working Code of Ethics for all MET Partners to ensure they have the same outlook on environmental practices and set benchmarks for review.
  • MET strongly favours partners who identify with strong environmental attributes, such as low emission vehicles and innovative manufacturing practices.


Have you implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS)?

Yes, our EMS’s focus is to ensure the continual improvement of environmental performance in our manufacturing and administrative practices. Measurements are based on our Carbon Inventory measured by partner, Climate Smart and vetted by certified third parties.


Do you use Isopropyl Alcohol in the pressroom?

No, the use of Isopropyl Alcohol was discontinued by MET in 1992.


How do you engage your employees in sustainability?

MET has actively engaged our team members in creating a Zero Waste Operation. Since 2010, MET has been recycling everything from organics to papers, plastics, metals, wood and press blankets; we are constantly striving for perfection within this system. Through our Continual Improvement System, team members are engaged to take ownership of projects department-by-department to improve their environmental bottom line. Select team members have stepped up to take on Environmental Stewardship roles ranging from FSC® Stakeholders to Carbon Inventory Auditors to name a few. Employees are responsible for environmental innovation such as, our press blanket rejuvenation system – now patent pending – and a new successful company, Enviro Image Solutions; assisting printers nationwide.


Which materials do you recycle?

MET recycles everything; organic waste, papers, wood, metals, soft and hard plastics, leftover ink, electronics, press blankets, and solvents. MET operates a Zero Waste Program within our Continual Improvement Process. We constantly strive for 100% success. All of MET’s manufacturing waste is successfully diverted from the landfill.


What environmental performance indicators are you tracking?

Carbon Output, Energy Consumption, Transportation, and Consumables.


Does your company generate hazardous waste? If so, how is it disposed of?

MET does not generate hazardous waste, and any hazardous materials used are confined and used in accordance with WorkSafeBC Safety Regulations. MET has a Material Handling Protocol for all materials that is strictly adhered to.


What measures have been taken to reduce VOC’s in your process?

MET has virtually eliminated VOC’s from our process. In 2002, MET made the decision to convert our presses to use Polymer-based UV Light Activated Inks as we recognized early on the advantages of ZERO VOC’s, faster turn-around, greater colour fidelity and accuracy with NO DRY-BACK or any of the other conventional ink-related challenges.


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