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We are proud to be one of North America’s environmental innovators, and leaders in our industry.

We’re passionate about making green beautiful, and have the print awards to prove it.

And we definitely don’t think something should have to look like tree bark to green.


We are proud to be one of North America’s environmental innovators and leaders in our industry. We’re passionate about making green the most beautiful colour in the world, and have the track record to prove it.


The finest environmental printing and the finest quality share the same DNA, MET Fine Printers.

MET is regularly recognized for our eco-excellence and innovation – although proud of our progress thus far – we continue our quest to find “new shades of green”.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are more than just words to the community at MET. The company follows strict procedures that protect the environment from avoidable risk.


99.99% of our waste paper and cardboard produced and consumed are recycled.


Make-ready waste is used multiple times during the make-ready process to save clean sheets and minimize the amount of recycling necessary.


MET operates a Zero Waste Program, whereby waste inks, coatings, solvents, rags, plastics, pallets, UV bulbs, and all aluminum plates are recycled, and all waste water is treated before disposal.


Whenever possible, we encourage clients to print on FSC® Certified and/or other ethically sourced papers with a minimum of 10% post-consumer content.

Even our printing blankets get special treatment. We find the most innovative partners in the industry like Enviro Image Solutions (EIS). This company has developed methodologies to renew used printing blankets for multiple reuse with the amazing benefits of keeping these out of the landfill. MET has worked with EIS since their inception and continues to be their primary Research and Development (R+D) site for testing and product development.

MET is constantly searching for unique alternative uses for everything in a context of social design. As part of our Zero Waste Program, when printing blankets are retired, MET works with local artisans, schools and designers to make highly useful upcycled MET Hard Goods.


MET’s Green Pre-Media

Our use of KODAK’s most advanced digital workflow systems, finely calibrated colour monitors, and years of experience and process automation ensures there is absolute control over potential waste. Our team of G7 Colour Experts know colour, and what it means to your brand for absolute control and continuity.

We have spent a lot of time and energy developing ink optimization and custom colour profiles that generate print results, exceeding the finest virgin sheets on challenging 100% recycled paper. MET’s Hi-Definition Screening and UV inks virtually sit on top of the sheet to yield unparalleled colour and detail.


MET Fine Printers Sustainable Paper Purchasing Policy

A sustainable and ethical supply of paper is critical to our business. MET formally developed an Ancient Forest Friendly (AFF) Policy with Canopy, an environmental not-for-profit organization in 2015. As part of our work with Canopy to reduce our impact on the world’s forests and climate, and offer sustainable products to our customers, MET has developed an AFF Policy (MET Fine Printers’ Ancient and Endangered Forest Conservation Vision and Eco-Paper Procurement Policy).

MET strongly encourages the use of FSC® Certified papers sourced from North American suppliers containing a minimum of 10% Post-Consumer Recycled Content (PCRC). Today more than 85% of our paper is FSC® Certified with mixed or 100% PCR, this represents an increase of over 100% in the last 5 years. We promote the innovators in paper manufacturing, harnessing wind power, chlorine-free bleaching and other energy capturing programs. We actively educate our clients on new substrates and continually test new materials and print methods to capture high quality results and lessen environmental impacts.


We offer tree-free alternatives, such as wheat straw paper, and synthetic print substrates to our clients. MET takes pride in promoting 100% PCRC paper products.


MET is committed to the avoidance of paper fibres that are being sourced from endangered forests and boreal hotspots focusing on species’ habitat areas for the Woodland Caribou. If we find that our supply mills are infringing upon these areas, we will engage in dialogue to encourage a change in practice.

MET encourages our partners to join us in working with conservation organizations and government to promote protection of endangered forests, species’ habitats and sustainable forest management. We are involved in ongoing letter-writing campaigns to promote and support protected areas in Canada. Join us by insisting on a minimum standard of PCRC in your next project. Our Carbon Offset Program is focused on creating a benchmark for us to measure the positive environmental changes that we have accomplished.

For full policy see MET Fine Printers’ Ancient and Endangered Forest Conservation Vision and
Eco-Paper Procurement Policy

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