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  1. Welcome to MET 2.0!

    We have some wonderful news to share with you. MET Fine Printers recently purchased select assets from Rhino Print Solutions and hired some incredibly talented new team members. This event dramatically expands our operations in Vancouver, adds a comprehensive Calgary facility and enriches our specialty resources available to fulfil your wildest communication needs. Read More >

  2. The Finest Innovative Communication Design

  3. The Finest Innovative Communication Design

Environmentally Friendly Printing Services

We are proud to be one of North America’s most environmentally innovative carbon neutral printing companies.


MET Fine Printers are passionate about making green the most beautiful colour in the world. It doesn’t have to look like tree bark to be green; we’ve got the print awards to prove it, such as Canada’s Most Environmentally Progressive Print Projects 3 years in a row. MET was invited by the City of Vancouver to be one of the city’s first Corporate Climate Leaders, showcased as a business model for other companies to learn from in the Vancouver Green Capital Initiative. We were invited to speak to the Mayor and Council as a Green Citizen working towards the City of Vancouver’s goal of becoming the Greenest City in Canada by 2020 (the motion was passed by the council the next day, coincidence?).


Being an Environmentally Innovative Printer is more than simply recycling and being FSC® Certified as most claim, innovation comes from passion and practice, every day.


Our passion for environmental printing started in 1995, when Founder, George Kallas was asked by his kids Nikos and Penny asked, “What happens to all of that paper?” and “Where does it go?” George contacted our suppliers and partners, and started recycling programs for papers, wood, plastics, plates, and chemical recoveries from that point on. He wanted to show his kids he was doing the right thing.

Today, Nikos is the President of the company and that environmental commitment is stronger than ever. MET is enjoying Carbon Neutral Operations since 2010, and we are among Canada’s first Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) Certified Printers, and our MET Ultra Violet (UV) Inks are 100% greenhouse gas free.


We are well on our way to achieving zero waste, we recycle and down-cycle literally everything from organic compost to plastic, paper, metal, wood; including unused inks, which are converted into black newspaper ink.


MET not only uses green technology, MET contributes to green innovation by choosing partners such as Enviro Image Solutions (EIS), a patent pending technology that extends the life of printing blankets and allows them to be reused multiple times on press. By using EIS blankets, MET has – this year alone – prevented over 8,000 lb of rubber and fabric waste from entering our landfills. Today we are down-cycling these materials into track fields, highway materials and alternative fuels.

Link to MET Enviro Partners
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®)
Environmental Printing Awards
Enviro Image Solutions
Climate Smart
Vancouver Green Capital

MET Fine Printers’ Ancient and Endangered Forest Conservation Vision and
Eco-Paper Procurement Policy

MET Environmental Performance

MET Environmental Performance

MET offers the Finest Environmentally Friendly Printing Services. We are proud to be one of North America’s most environmentally innovative carbon neutral printing companies.

Green Printer

Green Printer

We are proud to be one of North America’s environmental innovators, and leaders in our industry. We’re passionate about making green beautiful, and have the print awards to prove it.

Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

Our shift to carbon neutral with our partners Climate Smart was another logical step. It means a greener economy in BC with local best in class certified offset projects.



MET operates its plant at the highest environmental standards, using enviro-liquids and recycled paper stock whenever possible.The use of UV inks for all products is now standard practice.

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