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MET and Opolis Design featured in Take Note Awards

MET and Opolis Design featured in Take Note Awards

February 20, 2012 scott Posted in Blog, Design, Environment, Technical

Premier Paper and Design website; made special note of a collaboration between Nike Inc., Opolis Design of Portland, OR and MET Fine Printers of Vancouver, BC for the Finely Crafted Nike Sportswear Fleece projectTake Note award winner, Nike Sportswear book.

“I was amazed with the overall quality exhibited by all 10 finalists,” said Tim Larsen, president of Larsen (Minneapolis, MN and Menlo Park, CA) and judge for the Quarter Four competition. “But the Nike piece stood out to me because of that fabric in the front cover. Combined with the use of uncoated paper and the honest photos and illustrations, you’ve got an engaging piece of communication that captures our attention and holds out interest.”

See the full article and video Nike Collaborates with Opolis Design and MET Fine Printers


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