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MET Acquires Latest INK Technology, the SUN MX12 Ink Dispenser

MET Acquires Latest INK Technology, the SUN MX12 Ink Dispenser

March 15, 2012 scott Posted in Design, Environment, News, Technical

MET Fine Printers recently acquired more cutting edge UV ink technology. The NEW SUN MX12 Ink Dispenser enables MET to reduce the amount of inks ordered per project, give more accurate color match and reduce our environmental impact as the entire program is completely recycled from canisters to lids.  It is virtually an ink vending machine that is programmed to provide impeccable color match capability and store all client preferences for specialty colors to an accuracy of 3 decimal spaces.
“This is an amazing machine, the color match on special Pantone colors is uncanny. We have already noticed our time for approvals have dropped and we are running faster and more consistently.” comments MET COO, Mike Winteringham. “We immediately use less ink as we don’t need to over-compensate, if we run low, we simply make a bit more on the fly.”

MET UV Inks are polymer based inks that cure instantly upon exposure to a short burst of Ultra Violet light, releasing ZERO harmful VOC’s into the atmosphere. UV or light activated inks, effectively lay down wet on dry to yield unparalleled color and fidelity especially on Un-Coated papers and provide amazing Gloss to Matt ratio’s on Coated papers.  It requires less physical space, no dry time and is not subject to the issues that Vegetable/Soya/Oil Based inks struggle with such as “dry back”, “chemical gas ghosting” and long drying times.MX12

For more information on MET UV inks and coatings, send us a note at

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