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Marathon Filibuster puts Canada Post back to work

Marathon Filibuster puts Canada Post back to work

June 27, 2011 scott Posted in Blog

Following a record length filibuster (i’ve always wanted to use that word in context) royal ascent was given by the Governor General late Sunday evening to legislate the Canada Post employees back to work as of today. Mail processing should get back to normal in the next few days once the backlog is dealt with.

Traditional Print Direct Mail markets have been in decline for the past few years, now that the Canada Post Corporation dispute has been settled we project a short term push in DM production but this once again sets marketers thinking, what is next? When producing DM, MET has always stressed quality over quantity, our experience shows that something created well, with focus and environmental consideration has much greater impact than a flood of “normal”.

Savy marketers work with multiple media channels, print, email marketing, SEO, website link-building campaigns or PURL’s (personalized URL’s) leading to data driven multi channel marketing. Marketers define roles for each media channel but this has given cause to try new products and experience life beyond the routine.

MET’s increase in fulfillment and web-to-print offerings a number of years ago has paid off well, we were busy during the lock-out with alternate delivery modes and web enabled solutions to satisfy clients needs.

While today’s print market seems fairly active it is still sensitive to global and local events. While MET is known for the finest quality, service and environmental consideration, it is our expanded service offerings that pave the way of the future.

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