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Kallas’s Crazy Commute

Kallas’s Crazy Commute

August 30, 2010 scott Posted in Blog

Friday August 27th,

George made good on his Crazy Sustainable Commute promise and walked to work – 19,477 steps or just over 15 kilometers.   All in the spirit of friendly competition (ok, he wasn’t quite sure what I signed him up for but he’s a gamer..) and up for the challenge.  Kallas spread the news of the Crazy Sustainable Commute to a number of friends and colleages receiving terrific support. From Vancouver City Councellors Peter Ladner and Suzanne Anton to our partners at the Vancouver Aquarium ( who cartwheeled to work! – ) and Scott Gray who swiped his 10 year old’s 65lb single speed chopper bicycle for a cruise, supporters were coming out with any number of alternate modes of transport.

” I love the idea of getting people to think differently” Kallas says of his challenge ” it sure is a lot easier by car but getting out there really makes you think and have an appreciation for how many cars there are on the road.”

MET is a strong supporter of thinking different.

Scott Gray

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