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Expert colour control and workflow at MET are where we make the difference. 

MET Colour

We at MET pride ourselves on comments like “Why does it look that much better than the other guys?”, simply put our goal is to own the best colour, period.  Not every image is perfect so we feel just a little help to nudge or enhance is all it takes. Our Colour department holds an amazing depth of experience when it comes to color management. Let us unleash the impossible from your artwork.
MET provides the most advanced color and detail because we adhere to these stringent color standards and guidelines:
Color science (we call it art) – We calibrate our press or proofing system based on grey balance in addition to densitometric (dot gain/TVI) methods. Our calibration optimizes a balanced grey which tells us all colors are in sync.
Standards – Our approach respects ISO standards, which are the foundation of both GRACoL (North American Standard) and the ECI (European Color Initiative). Our standards ensure consistent global branding every time.
Ink Density – We print with as much ink as can consistently be applied to the substrate rather than just hitting target densities. We target even highlight and mid-tibrary allows us to tie our press and proofing systems together seamlessly.
RGB Files – Related to the “profiling” concept, we will work with rgb files and convert them to cmyk, not with a standard default conversion, but with a MET conversion specific to the paper/ink/press combination.
Black –  Black is a very important color because it strengthens the appearance of dark colors in images and contributes to neutrality. We value and control gcr (Grey Component Removal) on each project (through profiles) and use gcr for gray balance and to maintain neutrals.
Screening – is where MET is different than pretty much everyone. MET pioneered the use of 10 Micron Staccato Screening with its developer and our Partner previously Creo Products now Kodak Graphic Communications. MET worked with Kodak as a Beta site during the development of 10 Micron Staccato, we liked it so much, it has been our ‘house’ screen ever since.  MET’s not one to hang our coat on just one trick, we are constantly experimenting with screening to optimize each substrate. Our process control allows us to push the limits and maintain an excellent balance of control over our quality and consistency.
Proofing – ­ Our prepress proofing is colorimetrically controlled (profiles and curves). We offer color accurate digital proofing to match your expectations on press.
Process Control – MET believes, take care of our equipment and it will take care of us. Regular maintenance and calibration is scheduled no matter how busy we are, consistency can only be achieved through extensive process control and care of our people and equipment.

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