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Green Giants

Green Giants

October 11, 2007 scott Posted in News

VANCOUVER, BC—Metropolitan continues its love affair with all things green, introducing throughout its offices and plant the full range of Cascade Tissue Group’s (Cascade) North River™ tissue paper products. These products not only exceed the most stringent environmental standards but are also certified by the largest number of organizations – Green Seal, Eco Logo, Sustainable Manufacturing & Marketing Initiative, among others – in the industry. All products, from cleansers to toilet paper, are certified processed chlorine free and made of 100 percent recycled fibres. In addition, 80 percent less water is used in their production.

By purchasing 200 cases of Cascade Tissue Group products each year, Metropolitan will help save 39 trees, 250 pounds of land-filled waste and 18,639 kW/h of energy, (the equivalent energy consumed by a 100W light bulb for 21 years).

The love affair continues. Metropolitan prides itself and continually explores new opportunities to sustain both economic development and the environment for future generations to come. Refer to the Sustainability section for further detail.

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