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Dispatches from Trans Portugal Garmin

Dispatches from Trans Portugal Garmin

May 05, 2011 scott Posted in Blog

For those delicate readers, this dispatch has been lightly edited.

“Well,I had my %&$ fixed up yesterday and was back in the saddle for the 168 km day today. I rode really well, but by about 75km the $#&^%# pulled off. I then rode the next 25 km standing which was ok, big ringing it most of the way. Unfortunately by 100km I realized that standing for another 68km was not sustainable, so I had to bail, all in all happy with the day. Jon didn’t start today, he had bad gut rot. Adam suffered today and Richard wasn’t having any fun. This is a TOUGH race, very big distances which really wear you down. Tomorrow is another day, i’m taking them one at a time. Even Adam, Sam and Jon are middle packers.These young pro’s are very very fast. Thanks for keeping in touch. B ”

Bob, Team MET is 100% behind you, go take that next hill!

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