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Crazy Sustainable Commute

Crazy Sustainable Commute

August 25, 2010 scott Posted in Blog

Crazy Sustainable Commute

Metropolitan Fine Printers challenge you. How are you commuting to work on Friday August 27th?

Vancouver B.C.

How often do you think about changing up your routine?

This Friday is the perfect opportunity. Join MET in our Crazy Sustainable Commute this Friday August 27th, 2010. We have joined forces with an amazing group of folks to spread a good idea, we challenge you to think of a creative, different way to commute to work that is NOT a car. Bike, run, pogo, sail, canoe, stilt walk, fly, skateboard, anything that moves you.

Please sign up on our event website at and register how you will change your habit for a day. If you already walk, bike, bus or pogo stick to work, please sign up and tell us. It’s free, it’s healthy and it all helps raise awareness. Check out our fearless canoe portage down Cambie St. on our Video.

Simply put, this is a fun awareness campaign that has taken a life of it’s own. It started with one idea, to portage a canoe to work, and now has over 2000 youtube hits, website, solid committee and amazing group of sponsors ranging from MET (of course) to the David Suzuki Green Cafe . Please join us.

Feel free to tweet it, blog it, video it, and post it.

Ride on

Scott Gray
Crazy Sustainable Commute

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