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Portland Oregon

MET’s commitment to doing things right – the first time – has been one of Portland, Oregon’s leading design team’s big secrets, well it’s not that big of a secret. MET has been serving the Portland design community since 2000.

MET Portland specializes in the finest bespoke print projects. Our ability to stand out from the crowd is second to none with our UV Print Technology and Custom Finishing capabilities. MET introduced UV (Ultra Violet Cured inks) Print Technology to the Pacific Northwest in 2004 when nobody else was dreaming about it. MET was instrumental in developing 10 Micron Staccato (TM) Screening with partner Kodak and have used 10 Micron Staccato as our default screening since 2002.  We continue to experiment with the latest HiFi Screening, testing constantly to ensure the print work is optimized for the best possible result. Nobody has more experience with UV print than MET day in, day out.

Our relentless dedication to environmental printing is unmatched, Carbon Neutral, VOC Free inks and coatings, Zero waste program and FSC certification to name just a few components. Feel free to check out our Climate Smart Video showcasing MET’s environmental printing message. Do less, just do it better.

Our seasoned Portland print services team has been responsible for some of North America’s most incredible award winning print communication projects. In fact, 14 of MET’s 31 Benjamin Franklin (Print Oscars) Print awards were for Nike’s prestige PR kits or communication projects. If you think “Oh, Vancouver’s so far away, it will just take longer” think again. Our printing company’s UV Ink technology beats ANY conventional inking hands down. We do not have to worry about drying because your project is dry the second the job comes off the press, allowing us to go direct to bindery.
MET’s custom finishing, box making and presentation kits are second to none. Embedded crests in shadow boxes? Piece of cake. 7” LCD Monitors complete with commercial integrated into your book? Absolutely. Short run bespoke Digital presentations that don’t look “digital”? Not a problem. In fact, MET just acquired Vancouver’s most experienced trade bindery bringing a tremendous amount of expertise inside our doors. Case binding, Perfect Binding and much more.

UV ink technology allows for stunning special effects not achievable with conventional printing. MET’s UV technology release zero VOC’s making it the single most important attribute of environmental print production. Bring our unbeatable pre-media team, custom color correction, system manipulation and cutting edge workflow, it makes us practically neighbors. We may not have Portland’s Stumptown Coffee or Voodoo Doughnuts but we can make it up in other ways.

Come and explore our print services website, and look in our gallery for ideas and inspiration. Better yet, give us a shout at 1.866 254.4201 or email at

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