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Bob just does it, off to conquer the TransPortugal bike race

Bob just does it, off to conquer the TransPortugal bike race

April 25, 2011 scott Posted in Blog

This week, Faulkner is heading off on yet another adventure, his first attempt at the Transportugal Garmin, a 1,150-km multi-stage mountain bike race crossing Portugal from north to south. The race gets underway in Bragança April 29 and wraps up in Sagres in the Algarve May 8.

While Faulkner has countless adventure races under his belt, it wasn’t something he got into until later in life. Focused on running a successful business, he realized he needed to make a change. “You get a little fat and lazy with the expense accounts and all the other things that go with it,” he says. “It was only when I turned 44 that I realized that there was no longevity to this stuff. It wasn’t an epiphany, I just realized I had to get fit again.”

Faulkner started training, did an Ironman competition, and the rest is history.

He encourages others to not let self-doubt, either in terms of their fitness potential — thinking they’re too old, or not strong or fit enough — or a perceived lack of time, get in their way. “You know what, you can do it,” he says. “You just take it easy in the beginning and you’ll do it in the end.”

“I want other people on the Shore to understand that at 63, you can still do whatever you want,” he adds.

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Faulker, Dustan and Swanson prepare for Transportugal Garmin
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